Jewish kosher celebrations

In Jubany Events we bring the gastronomic proposal of the cook Nandu Jubany to events for the Jewish community with the creation of menus that follow the Kashrut Kosher guidelines. We bring Jubany's flavours and personality to celebrations such as the Bar Mitsvah, Bat Mitzvah or Brit Milah.

The selection of meats and fish for the celebration is restricted to the Kosher proposals and we guarantee that their previous slaughter in the case of mammals and birds is Shejita. All the ingredients and utensils used also respect Kosher rules to eliminate the presence of any taref food. We offer three venues with different personalities, just 1 hour from Barcelona and Girona:


In Mas Albereda we offer you the charm of the gastronomic hotel of Nandu Jubany. Set in a 14th century farmhouse, this small hotel is located between the Pyrenees and Montseny, in the heart of the Plana de Vic. The charm of history is hidden in every corner of this farmhouse: the well, the portals, and even a small Romanesque church where you can celebrate the ceremony. The bride and groom, family and guests can stay in the hotel rooms and suites after the wedding celebration.

In Viladrau, surrounded by the essence of the lush forests of the Montseny, Jubany Events offers Mas d’Osor, a restored farmhouse with a large annex space for celebrations and a magnificent garden where you can celebrate your outdoor wedding ceremony.

And in Taradell, surrounded by incredible gardens and well connected to the C-17, the Serrat del Figaró welcomes you with a combination of nature and modern architecture of iron, wood and glass. A lovely space surrounded by glass windows gives the feeling of celebrating the wedding meal in the middle of gardens. The ceremony can take place outside.

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