• Gastronomy to remember

    What makes a moment special? The company, the place, the music, the light, the details... and the gastronomy. Special moments and celebrations are remembered for the gastronomic experience too. Jubany Events is a strong commitment made back in 2001 by the chef Nandu Jubany and his team to extend Can Jubany’s philosophy into the realm of events and celebrations.

    “Our job is to make gastronomy a further reason to remember the celebration. We don’t do catering, we make the hosts feel what it’s like to sit down at a restaurant table such as Can Jubany, whatever the number of people and wherever the event.” Nandu Jubany says.

    Nandu Jubany

  • Three unique Jubany sites and... Wherever you want

    We have three of our own sites available for celebrations: El Convent de Blanes, Mas d’Osor and Mas Albereda. Nevertheless, Jubany Events can also move to wherever you, the organisers, wish to hold the event. The Jubany Events team works rigorously and professionally and is committed to to providing gastronomy that flows naturally in each event.

    “Each event deserves all our effort, consideration and attention to detail because each one is and must be special for all the people who share it. Our responsibility is to make this moment exactly what the bride and groom, the firm, the family have envisaged.” Xavi Orte, in charge of Jubany Events, says.

  • Signature gastronomy for events

    Jubany Events brings the essence of traditional Catalan cuisine, reinterpreting it with innovation, and working on the explosion of the senses through the gastronomic experience.

    We work on innovative dishes that conserve the classic essence, are excitingly presented and always display customised detail that makes of each event distinct.

  • Part of your event, part of your team

    At Jubany Events, we work near you to design and create from the gastronomic approach the event exactly as you have imagined it. We are part of your celebration. If you have chosen a team for the organisation, we involve ourselves in the work team to create a coherence for the whole event. We work hand in hand with wedding planners, event planners, agencies and firms in order to add up with a common objective: creating a unique and unforgettable event.