07 · 04 · 18

“ Dreams at the table “ for 750 people, next to the Rotary Club and Althaia

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On Friday 6 of April, the entire Jubany Events team joined the "Dreams at the table", a charity dinner organized by the Rotary Club of Manresa-Bages; together we managed to raise 50,000 euros for the Oncologic day hospital and Hematologic of Althaia.

Jubany Events, together with about thirty volunteers from the Joviat Foundation, served a menu of multi dish appetizer, such as the whisky sour bonbon, the world's best olives and the anchovy-almond; the well known sobrassada omelette, cheese and honey, and the sponge brioche with candied pork belly & Hoisin sauce, topped it off with a superb cheese board.

At the table, we also served our Jubany egg cooked at low temperature with seasonal vegetables and sobrassada crumbs, and a beef filet “Paris coffee” style with a thousand layers of baked potato and Iberian ham. The dinner was completed with a delicious dessert of hazelnut brittle and stracciatella ice cream.

Dreams, at the table, are possible !