25 · 05 · 18

400 vanilla hazelnuts to help the Rotary clubs gathering

Nandu Jubany, Fundación Carreras, Rotary, Club Rotary Barcelona, Carles Gaig, Miguel Guimerà, Carlos Fernández, Cúpula Arenas, cena benéfica, cena solidaria, Martín Berasategui, Fundación Josep Carreras,

Nandu Jubany and the Jubany Events team wanted to contribute to the annual meeting of Rotary clubs in Barcelona and the Metropolitan area, contributing with desserts for the 400 diners. This year the gathering took place in the dome of the Arenas in Barcelona on May 25th. The raised founds were appointed to the Rotary Foundation, the ALPAN project, and the José Carreras Leukemia Foundation. From Jubany we contributed to the charity dinner with 400 caramel hazelnuts and vanilla with stracciatella ice cream.