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Dinner to celebrate 40th anniversary of Gepork

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This Friday, October 11th we were in Sucre, Vic, accompanying the Gepork Group family in their 40th anniversary celebration. The dinner for 300 people began with a cocktail appetiser including proposals such as: candied fruit cocktail, the best olives in the world, savoury carrot cake, foie gras “Filipino” with Pecan nut, breaded prawns, bao bread balls, or Ear of pork confit on potatoe parmentier.
We also included showcookings of specialties such as quail eggs with “sobrassada” and prawn takoyaki, and plates with shrimp tortilla and sirloin briox. For tapas, we presented chicken and pork belly cannelloni and whole roast suckling pig with potatoes and onions. We finished with frozen lemon lime and Cheesecake and Nocilla the Yin-Yang.