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Cocktail at MNAC for 1,000 scientists from European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy

Càtering, MNAC, Jubany Events

On Thursday October 24th, we served a standing cocktail to the thousand scientists attending the 27th annual Congress of the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, gathered in MNAC’s oval room.
We served a cocktail snack with dishes such as Spritz pearls, tomato and mozzarella pizza-cones, foie cherries or the New York Times Steak Tartar, among others.
A vegetable risotto and the sea cucumber dry rice were offered alongside showcookings of specialties such as quail eggs with sobrasada migas or sour cream blinis with salmon caviar.
There was also a showcooking of Dim Summ, grilled ham omelette on bread with tomato and steamed seaweed bread with tuna tataki. For desert, there were mini-sweet pastries, cheese cake and nutella yin-yang and iced lemon lime.