24 · 11 · 19

At Esfèric in Barcelona, with Patek Philippe

Catering, Patek Philippe, Jubany Events

On the 20th and 21st of November, we were responsible for serving a cocktail for 150 guests at Patek Philippe’s event, held at Esfèric in Barcelona.
The magic and history of the prestigious Swiss luxury watch brand could be sensed at Esfèric for two days.
At Wednesday’s cocktail serving, among our suggestions were the steak tartar toast with mustard mayonnaise or quail eggs with “sobrasada migas”.
We finished with freshly made fritters filled with Catalan custard and frozen lemon lime. On Thursday, we prepared a Coffee Break for all of the attendees with sweet dishes such as carrot and orange cake, and savoury dishes such as salmon and arugula brioche cakes.