06 · 03 · 20

Alfa Romeo, in Serrat del Figaró

On February 26th, Serrat del Figaró became part of the motor world for the Alfa Romeo press visit.

Specialised journalists and the Alfa Romeo team tested the novelties of the renowned manufacturer before sharing a gastronomic experience inside Serrat, combining a standing cocktail and the table.

At the cocktail aperitif we offered various proposals such as celery, apple and ginger pearls, the best olives in the world, sepia bombs, or the New York Times steak tartar, among others.

At the table, prawns, potato gnocchi with Iberian sauce, as well as a grilled beef tenderloin with virgin olive oil.

We closed with a chocolate and apricot sacher sphere, frozen lemon lime and the cheesecake and Nocilla Yin-Yang.

In the pictures you can see how the Serrat del Figaró car park became a luxury exhibitor!