02 · 06 · 22

People in Red 2022

Jubany Events, Charity Gala, Infectious diseases, MNAC, Catering

On Thursday 2 June, the annual gala "Peope in Red" was held once again at the MNAC (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya), one of the most prestigious charity galas, which 30 years and two pandemics later maintains its commitment to science and research of infectious diseases.

We are very excited to be part once again, after two years of pause, taking over the gastronomic direction of the event with a very healthy and totally personalised gastronomic proposal for the occasion. 

This year, the gala was co-hosted by Silvia Abril and Andreu Buenafuenta, great professional comedians, who hosted the event. Two great artists, Joan Manuel Serrat and Mag Lari, also appeared at the event. 

It is a great pleasure to collaborate with this gala and to share this experience once again with the remainder of our partners. We hope to be contributing, as best we know how, our bit to promote scientific research in the field of infectious diseases. Thank you all very much for making this possible!!