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28 may 2023

12 hours cooking on the grill

Last week at Mas d'Osor we were cooking on the grill for 12 hours, together with the Jubany Events team, Nandu and Rafa Delgado. It was during Ramón and Sara's wedding and it was one of the most incredible and unique experiences that can be shared.   What we cooked was a unique and unrepeatable meal. We prepared 5 grills live in front of all the attendees. We cooked whole lambs and piglets, sea bass, 'pulardes', various vegetables, clams, mussels, pineapple, etc. And to end the meal, Rafa Delgado prepared a magnificent festival of desserts.   Many thanks to everyone who attended! This day reminded us that this profession can always surprise us, that we can overcome ourselves and enjoy it and that everything we give comes back to us multiplied by a thousand.