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24 ene 2024

A dream wedding

There are occasions and occasions that are real spectacles to impress, such as the wedding of José Woldring, founder and CEO of PR agency The Media Nanny. Last May, she married her great love, the Canadian Brian Walker, during a wedding party lasting several days at the old textile factory Colònia Rusiñol in Manlleu. It was a sprawling party with a festival feel, including a "rodeo" attraction, drag queens and a rave area decorated with neon lights and graffiti. This was the wedding of José Woldring and Brian Walker.   Three days before the big party, José and Brian traveled with their children to Barcelona to celebrate a welcome lunch and then stayed with the wedding party at Hotel Mas Albereda, Nandu Jubany's gastronomic hotel in Sant Julià de Vilatorta.   On the first day, 150 family members and close friends gathered around for a welcome cocktail and dinner. Once it got dark outside, it was time for the official ceremony, enjoying a starry sky.   From a real casino, live graffiti, drag queens, surreal food, a magician, to a rave at the end. The couple claim their wedding was the best festival they've ever been to!   Everything organized with the great agency "La Puta Suegra".   Official source of the news.