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25 abr 2022

Jubany Family Presentation

Last Sunday 24th April we presented the new project "La Familia Jubany" with a very special breakfast at our home, Can Jubany. This is probably one of the most important projects we have ever created and we are very excited about it.

The idea of creating this project came about when Nandu and Morena took a look back over the last 26 years and realised that the most important and remarkable thing is not the stars, nor the suns, not all the awards we have received over the years... but what makes us most excited is your affection and unconditional support in everything we have done and will continue doing.

That is why we want all those people who have accompanied us and trusted us over the years to form part of the Jubany Family and to continue encouraging us and helping us to grow, making our profession meaningful. 

Therefore, we hope to create a family that will be there for us in the present and the future, on a day-to-day basis, with enthusiasm and affection for our lifestyle and everything we do. A community of ambassadors with whom we can share our journey, unique experiences and all our projects. In conclusion, a family created by all the people we have met in this wonderful world of cooking.